Titanium Excavation, LLC literally moves the earth for our clients. We maintain a fleet of several large and small excavators along with loaders, backhoes and several other pieces of earth moving equipment. We also have a magnitude of support equipment, truck trailers, rock hammer and various safety equipment. We are equipped to handle every type of ground condition the Treasure Valley has to offer, from rock excavation to deep wet soil and anything in between. We have all of the safety gear necessary to complete any kind of excavation without putting any of our employees at any kind of risk. Regardless of the soil conditions, our pipe crews have the tools and experience to complete projects on time and on budget.


Mass Excavation, Dirt Removal, Dirt Relocation


Water, Sewer, Irrigation, Storm Drains


Gravity, Presure, Irrigation installation, Pump Stations

Storm Drains

Erosion Control, Culverts, Storm Drainage

Utility Testing

Our Equipment